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Our History

janitorial supplies sold to the public

We have a long, impressive history! SourceOne Supply embraces the customer service tradition of our former company, Heinrich Paper, but our name now reflects our extensive inventory of facility maintenance supplies ready for delivery.

We are the reliable team you depend on to meet all your commercial maintenance needs. And, we still sell to the public.

The precursor to SourceOne Supply was established in 1933 in Zanesville, OH, and we are still the "go-to" resource for everything in building maintenance, whether you are a professional cleaning contractor, in-house maintenance department, or a consumer who wants professional products for their homes.

We have been a neighbor since the beginning ... we hire local people, buy locally, and live here raising our families and contributing to the community.

We continue to be respected for our high quality cleaning products and equipment, paper products and supplies. We sell to virtually all types of businesses but are open to individuals as well.

No matter what business you are in, we show business owners and operators the newest and best proven methods to improve the appearance of any facility while doing so at the best overall cost-in-use.

We offer free training to all of our customers in areas such as floor refinishing, facility disinfection, carpet cleaning and restoration, and other building maintenance jobs which helps control labor costs needed for performing these and other tasks. We sell the most modern cleaning equipment available and have our own in-house service department.

All warranty work is done in-house at our location at 1697 Licking Road in Zanesville, Ohio. We also are a full line distributor of disposable foodservice products and are one of the largest of our type in Southeastern Ohio. Walk-in customers are always welcome. 

SourceOne Supply ... your Building Maintenance Supply Source for everything!

A Note from Brian McGee

Meet the Team


Troy Sierer
Regional Account Manager

Troy began as a distributor sales representative in 1987 specializing in janitorial supplies and equipment, packaging, and food service disposables.  Troy has a proven track record of helping customers streamline products and procedures, improving efficiencies, and driving down costs through automation and procurement solutions.  He is the go-to guy in Columbus and surrounding territory.  

Doug Stackhouse
Regional Account Manager

Doug started in our business in the early 1990's and worked several years as a sales representative for a Columbus based distributor. After being out of the business to pursue other sales interest Doug returned to our business and was hired here at the beginning of 2012.

Doug calls primarily on businesses selling sanitary maintenance and packaging products. He calls on accounts in Muskingum, Athens, Hocking, Licking, Coshocton and Tuscarawas counties. 

Kellina Snyder
Regional Account Manager

Kellina has more than 29 years for sales experience. She is extremely motivated and consistently finds innovative ways to help her customers and business partners be more efficient, effective and successful. Kellina’s professionalism, tireless work ethic, excellent communication skills, and vast sales experience make her a valuable asset to our team. Kellina is a part of our Southern & Central OH sales team.

Krista Morgan
Office Manager

Krista has 20+ years of industry experience and all of them have been here at SourceOne Supply (previously HPS). In addition to her accounting responsibilities (including accounts payable) she provides consultation as a customer service rep and is a smiling face to walk-in business at our counter.

Marilyn Murray
Purchasing Manager

Marilyn has been in the industry for over 40 years. All these years have been with SourceOne Supply (previously Heinrich Paper Supply). Her primary role is ordering all products sold by the company and controlling the inventory. She also handles the shipping and receiving, customer service and counter sales for our walk-in customers. 

Russ Patrick
Director of Marketing

Russ has 25+ years in commercial marketing, design and advertising. He worked for a leading entertainment business, a national distribution company and a manufacturer rep group at regional, national and global levels marketing multi-brands in a multi-line-of-business world.

Russ is an intelligent, articulate, highly motivated leader and team player with a high energy, positive, can-do attitude. His ability to think strategically and commitment to continuous improvement makes him a valuable member of our team.

AJ Swartz
Warehouse Manager

AJ has been with SourceOne Supply (previously HPS) for over 20 years. AJ takes care of stocking items in the warehouse. He also loads customer's orders into their vehicles that come to pick up their products.

Brad Stillions

Brad has been driving our trucks delivering our customers their products for over 30 years. 

Keith Lyons

Keith has been driving our trucks delivering our customers their orders for over 20 years.